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Idaho State University

UAS Online Course/Seminar  ‌‌‌‌‌‌. details

Continuing Education/Workforce Training offers a 3-part online course on UAS history, technology, and real world applications.

Unmanned Aerial Systems Program  ‌‌‌‌‌‌. details

The College of Technology offers basic and intermediate technical certificates in UAS, a UAS Associate's degree in Applied Science, and a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Science.

Catalog of UAS-Related Undergraduate Courses  ‌‌‌‌‌‌. details

Masters of Geographic Information Science program

The Department of Geosciences offers the course: Unmanned Aircraft System Applications for the Geosciences.


FAA Drone Pilot Testing Centers in Idaho

Find all Idaho FAA authorized knowledge testing centers in the table below. You must pass the remote pilot test at an authorized testing center to be compliant with the new FAA Part 107 regulations. To schedule, call the number for the authorized testing center you select and provide the Site ID when asked.

City Site Address Scheduling Service Site ID
Boise Jetstream Aviation, Inc. 3591 Rickenbacker 1 (800) 211-2753 LAS83704
Bonners Ferry Northern Air Inc 64602 Hwy 2 1 (800) 211-2753 LAS83801
Caldwell Air O Drome Training Aviation Inc. 517 Dauntless Pl. 1 (800) 211-2753 LAS83604
Kimberly Gem State Transportation 3590 N 3300 E 1 (800) 211-2753 LAS83301
Pocatello Avcenter, Inc. 1483 Flightline 1 (800) 947-4228 ABS83201



Empire Unmanned

POWER Engineers

Alta Science & Engineering, Inc.

Idaho National Laboratory

Idaho State University

  • Donna Delparte (Assistant Professor, Department of Geosciences — Lidar, SfM Photogrammetry, UAS, GIS)
  • Chuck McNeel (College of Technology, UAS Instructor)
  • Darren Leavitt (College of Technology, UAS Instructor)

Boise State University

  • Nancy Glenn (Professor, Department of Geosciences — Lidar, Hyperspectral imagery, UAS)
  • Edoardo Serra (Assistant Professor, Computer Science — Precision Agriculture, Data Analytics)

University of Idaho

  • Jan Eitel (Research Assistant Professor, Natural Resources — Remote Sensing, Precision Agriculture)
  • Lee Vierling (Professor, Natural Resources — Remote Sensing)
  • Jae Hyeon Ryu (Associate Professor, Idaho Water Center, Boise)
  • Jason Karl (Assoc. Professor, Natural Resources — Rangeland Ecology)
  • Dev Shrestha (Professor, Biological Engineering — Precision Ag)
  • Eva Strand (Assistant Professor, Natural Resources — Remote Sensing)
  • Paul Gessler (Professor, Natural Resources — Remote Sensing, GIS)
  • Janet Rachlow (Professor, Fish and Wildlife Sciences — using UAS to monitor sagebrush habitat)

(more to be added)