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April 24th, 2018

The first University of Idaho Drone Summit was held at Parker Farm in Moscow, ID, on April 24th, 2018. A group of approximately 40 UI faculty, staff and students participated in this 1-day event designed to initiate a "community of practice" of UI drone users.


  • Create awareness of current drone research/activities.
  • Share knowledge of drone operations and image processing.
  • Familiarize users with UI policies and procedures for flying drones.
  • Make users aware of available drone services (from flying missions to image processing/analysis) and knowledge on campus and in the community.



There is a clear need for and interest in organizing a community of practice for drone applications at UI. The exact form of that organization is yet to be determined, but it would focus on addressing the following topics:

  • Organizing and hosting an annual meeting (i.e., Drone Summit) to discuss drone-related teaching and research applications and opportunities. We propose the date of Nov 1, 2018 for our next UI Drone Summit. Details may be found here.
  • Creating an inventory of drones, sensors, and related equipment and exploring the potential for equipment sharing.
  • Developing a local knowledge base related to drone regulations, flight planning and operations, and image processing.
  • Defining infrastructure needs that are common across the range of drone applications at the UI, such as hardware, software, and standard operating procedures.
  • Understanding the needs to develop new educational opportunities around drone operations. This could include targeted trainings for UI drone operators, potential new classes and/or certificate programs. This would also include developing ways to increase student engagement.
  • Explore and develop opportunities for extension and outreach pertaining to drone applications to stakeholders in Idaho.